Tips for Online Casinos Slots Gambling Part 2

To continue where we left off. In online gambling, the most well known progressive slot is Megabucks. These machines are, linked in a specific area. For example, all Mississippi casinos are linked together with these machines this is, called wide area progressive. Irrespective of the fact that these machines are linked or not one must play maximum coins on. This helps to qualify for top jackpot.

There are various types of slot machines available online and new machines are constantly, being made. Although these slot machines look different, they come down to seven different categories. The first category of slot machine is the true and tried straight multiplier. A double diamond is the example of this slot machine. On these machines, the winning combination is an exact multiplication of the number of coins played. Hence, in these machines it is best to play single coins, as the turn out of the machine will remain static irrespective of the number of coins played. On the single multiplier slot machine, it is best to play with one coin.

The bonus multiplier is the second category of slot machine. A bonus payoff is received in this machine for playing maximum coins. An example for this is the Red White and Blue three-coin slot machine. If one hits 7s in red white and blue, then the payoff related to a single coin is 2,400 coins, for two coins it is 4,800 coins and for three coins payoff is 10,000 coins. The number of coins given out for three coins played is much more than the expected triple. This bonus payout encourages players to play with maximum coins. We can thus, assume as many authors also put that maximum coins must be, played at the bonus multiplier.

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