Profiting With Online Blackjack

We’ve been silent for a while, but now we’re back and ready to educate the little fishes!

Oh yeah, it’s throw down time at your favorite online casino. I love playing Blackjack online and apparently so do millions of other people around the world. Sure, you can spend hundreds or thousands flying to Las Vegas for some hands of Blackjack, but why not just login to an online casino

In some ways, online casinos have brought back the old days of true gambling. You get a pure gambling environment. There are no side shows and other nonsense. If you don’t like the payouts, you leave. It’s that simple. Online casinos know this and that’s why they work constantly to offer the best gaming around. I bet if Las Vegas went to a pure gaming atmosphere, it would disappear, because online casinos have better payouts and action-no travel time too.

It’s true that all different types of Blackjack can be found in the world, but who the heck wants to spend valuable money and time getting to it all Not I. Online casinos offer the perfect solution. Any type of Blackjack you want is at your fingertips.

So, how can we profit from online Blackjack Aside from the obvious answer, winning, there are a couple primers to profiting. First, we need to understand how the game actually works. Early in this article I alluded to the fact that you can find single-deck Blackjack online. But, I didn’t talk about how it works, which is a major item of information to know.

Unlike real-world Blackjack where hands are dealt until most of the deck or shoe is gone, online casinos shuffle the deck after every single hand. This is to prevent players from counting cards. It’s a slight handicap for the players, because the hands are extremely random and there’s no way to “work into” better hands, such as getting all the smaller stuff out and loading up for possible Blackjacks.

Another thing you must do is abandon silly strategies. And one of those is card counting. Sorry, card counting helps in the real world only. If you try to count cards with online Blackjack, you’ll just be screwing yourself. It doesn’t work

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