Play Your Favorite Live Dealer Casino Games for Free

Live dealer casino games are the latest in the world of online casino gaming. Following the advent of the traditional simulated online casino games, the live dealer version is so much better than your ordinary online casino games. The number of games provided in the live dealer version is still very limited. A lot of online casinos have provided the live dealer versions of baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Those who don’t add the webcam feature is about to get trampled by the online casinos who did, especially in the highly competitive high-stakes world of online casino gaming. However, some online casinos go one step further to bring in the players and entice them away from the competitors. Some online casinos offer other game variations of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat to lure in more players. Some online casinos seem to be unstoppable, however, because there are those that offer other games in live dealer version such as Texas hold ‘em poker, and sic bo. Of course, the live dealer versions of those two games are still limited, unlike the three more popular and most played casino games previously mentioned.

However, there is one glitch in this exciting opportunity to play your favorite online games with the entire casino experience through the webcam feature. All of the online casinos only offer the live dealer versions of the games when you choose to play for real money. This generally limits the player base only to those players who are seriously playing in hopes of earning some winnings. Unfortunately, not all who play online games are keen on spending money, especially those who are just whiling away their free time, even with the prospect of winning. Many players who play online do so because the games are available, waiting to be played. Thus, only those players who are serious about the whole casino business even when they play online can access the live dealer version of the classic casino games.

Fortunately, the line where we said that all of the online casinos only offer the live dealer feature in the real money mode is not yet finished. It will be more accurate to say that all of them offer the live dealer feature for real money players, “except one”. Yes, much to the delight of all avid online casino players out there, there is one live online casino that offers the chance to play the live dealer versions of the games for free.

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