New Style Of UK Casinos

What’s new in UK casinos Over what, you might ask Rap music, of all things! Yes, they are fighting over rap music. It seems that the UK law enforcement officials and others have gotten the idea of banning gangsters rap concerts because of potential violence and security problems.

The authorities stand is that the very idea of law enforcement and the casinos deciding what music the people can listen to in concert is against first amendment rights. Of course, it is perfectly legal for the Gaming Control Commission which controls the operation of casinos in UK to tell those casinos that they have to be extremely responsible when planning security for any events, including gangsters rap, held at their venues.

However, when the Mayor wrote a letter demanding the Gaming Control Board not to book such acts; that goes across the proverbial line. After all, those same people who love to listen to gangster rap concerts in comfortable venues such as the other theatres and arenas are the same people who stay in the hotels there and spend their hard earned money in the local casinos, restaurants, bars, shops and other activities in the area. The Gaming Control Board did issue a letter to the casinos reminding them of responsibilities they incur when planning any event inside their facilities or outside on their property, but this letter did not single out any specific type of music. The Gaming Control Board is absolutely correct. When casinos plan concerts, whether it is classical music, country, rock and roll or rap, the casinos incur liability to provide the proper setting and controls needed to give patrons an enjoyable and safe, fun experience. However, the letter did admit that the UK Police Department believes these events to be serious threats to the town.

That is a very interesting statement because it has never happened that anyone broke out into a major fight causing physical injury. This all brings to mind the days of the Rolling Stones with security provided. Of course, we all know what came of that plan, having attended lots of rock concerts over the years ourselves. What UK gambling casinos there need to realize is that some people do go to these casinos and some on online for gambling. Some people visit there for an overall experience. Sure,

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