How to win Online Poker Freerolls

There are two types of poker freerolls, 1- tournament for cash award, 2 – tournament for larger tournament seats (satellites) both require patience and skill, as these free in tournaments may pay a small amount of cash, but do not often do so easily, as there are more often than not far to many players to have solid odds at the pot, so you have to make your own.

Let’s start off with the basics.

How do I find the best poker freerolls to play?

Start off by looking at the number of players registered for the freeroll. Find one with the lowest number of players prepared to compete. Then look at the prize pool. You are going to be playing for at least 3 or 4 hours, so you want to be sure you are getting into a game with both good odds from lower players, and good pay out from the tournament. Watch for a poker freeroll where the winning player is paid more than 100 dollars. You can play lower freerolls if you chose, but this is a guide for your search.

Keep in mind while playing a poker freeroll few people actually approach it early on, as seriously as they do in cash or vested poker tournaments. This means if you take your game seriously, while most of the people do not, you will earn more chips and dominate the game. Stay focused through out, and remember not to play as loosely as you may see some of your ‘aggressive’ opponents early in the tournament.

Strategy 1 – Early pushes for early stack

Sound crazy after I just said to play carefully while the other poker players are playing ‘aggressively’ This will help you gauge where you will stand. Play well, but know that if you push your chips early with a strong hand, it’s likely there are several hands who are either bluffing or have inferior cards, but they don’t know what to expect from you. Push at every viable chance you can, and accrue your chip stack as quickly as possible. Play tightly with any hand that is lower than an A10.

Keep in mind that when you are competiting for a high pay out or a major poker tournament event, the games of your opponents will likely get much better than where they are in a ‘standard’ poker freeroll, as they want the prize more than the competition.

Strategy 2 Slow and Tight

Pacing yourself can also prove prudent in a poker freeroll. Being that everyone is in the ‘lets see’ boat, and playing loose and aggressive you are able to turn that against them. When you have the seriously monstrous hand, like AA KK, bet the heck out of it. Playing slow and tighter while they are playing loose and aggressive will permit you to turn their umptf on themselves. Do not prospect a table with loose play, as they may all have junk, or you may find yourself beat out by a pair of 2’s. Try to gravitate to the higher 5 or 10 hand combinations, but don’t hide from the big stack either. If you have some one bet against you and you have a solid hand, chances are, at least early in the freeroll, that they do not have such a solid basis of play, as the typical poker rankings still apply.

Keep in mind that flexibility will be key. Play to see what is most effective during a given freeroll, and run with it for the entire tournament. The ultimate goal of a free roll is to build your bank, and cash in while enjoying the game. Anything less would be a waste of time better vested in a cash game, or another freeroll.

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